For manufacturers ready to improve production outcomes with AI, Delta Bravo provides a simpler, faster way to get started.

We’re improving production outcomes every shift, every day with industry leaders like Rolls-Royce, Nucor Steel, Trane Technologies, Nephron Pharmaceuticals and others.

Our fierce obsession with your manufacturing process sets us apart.
We terrify competitors who are using buzzwords to mask their struggle to provide measurable results and scale cost-effectively.

We helped Nucor Steel bridge the tribal knowledge gap for the next generation of manufacturing experts.


When new teammates struggled to learn complex legacy processes, Nucor Steel experienced higher scrap rates and turnover.  With Delta Bravo AI, Nucor has simplified operator decision-making, reduced training time and improved production outcomes.

Rolls-Royce had the data; we showed them what to do with it.  


Most manufacturers have invested countless hours and dollars into data collection, but what is being done with it?  Delta Bravo AI turns mountains of data from PLCs, MES systems, ERP and more into insight and tools that increase throughput while reducing quality defects and scrap.

Watch the video. Learn how Rolls-Royce used Delta Bravo AI to de-silo their data, transform quality operations and reduce defects by 90%.

Why do industry leaders choose with Delta Bravo over “the big names?” 


Shhhh, we have a secret weapon.
The Delta Bravo platform quickly de-siloes data, identifying relationships, correlations and trends. Predictive models are configured to your target process and outcome. Scale happens quickly and cost-effectively across multiple products, lines and plants.

Intellectual Property built for you, owned by you.
Data processes, models, interfaces and integrations built to drive competitive advantage for your specific process are owned by you. They are not leveraged to improve the processes of others. There is no technology lock-in; if you want to leave, you retain ownership of all code and models created by our team specific to your company and process.

What’s New At Delta Bravo

Delta Bravo is focused on solving high value, data-driven industry challenges. We update our platform frequently and are constantly forming new partnerships and integrations with industry leaders. Keep up by reading our posts here and following us on LinkedIn and YouTube.