Delta Bravo AI predicts engine failures in the plant and in the field.
Millions saved in in quality and warranty costs.
No expensive software or disruption to current processes.


15X Project ROI.
Deployed in 45 days.
Winner of Manufacturing Innovation Award.


Delta Bravo uses Machine Learning and AI to maximize the business value of data quickly and cost-effectively.

We execute pilots within 30 to 45 days. We manage models and services ongoing as needed. No business disruption. No long-term software license commitments. No bloated costs or excessive timelines. Our secret sauce is the Delta Bravo platform, which automates the most complex aspects of data science.


Modern Data Platform Improves Response to Market Changes.

Delta Bravo technology and services were used to design, deploy and manage the Data Science environment for a $40B fund focused on bond performance. Today, their time-to-analysis is 90% faster, driving ROI internally and to customers.



AI-Driven Quality Improvements Deliver Over $1M in ROI.

Delta Bravo is working with a leading global silicone company to proactively identify anomalies that contribute to multiple product passes, throughput issues and supply chain delays. Capability delivered in 30 days, driving over $1M in ROI.




Delta Bravo teamed with Microsoft and Accuweather to build an AI solution
forecasting the impact of weather anomalies on revenue, product sales
and operational cost.


Delta Bravo has worked with over 50 enterprise customers, the result of which is a proven process for articulating and quantifying the business case. Our process starts with a focused discussion between your Subject Matter Experts and our Data Science and Analyst teams with the goal of aligning data to critical process areas. From there, we construct our approach, scope and ROI model. ROI models are shared openly, agreed upon and tracked throughout the duration of the engagement.

Built in Kubernetes, the Delta Bravo platform is designed to fit into existing environments or the cloud of your choice. There is no technology lock-in or long-term contract. The Delta Bravo platform ingests data from target sources like sensors, machines, databases and APIs, automatically cleansing and joining the data. Clean data is visualized and analyzed, ensuring the right data goes into your models. Upon completion, models are integrated with existing applications or built into new workflows and applications in our platform.

Delta Bravo’s diverse Data Science team brings experience and perspective across different industries and modeling methods. We are creative, focused and detailed in process and approach. Some customers use our team as their own outsourced Data Science group. Others with existing Data Science teams use us for a fresh perspective or to fill gaps and keep pace with project demand. We’ve executed Supervised, Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning methods in Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail and Healthcare.

Our process is designed to minimize disruption to your resources. The Delta Bravo platform enables us to integrate models with your existing processes and programs- meaning there are no new technologies or applications to learn. Using Kubernetes optimizes our footprint and keeps costs low as AI capabilities are scaled out across multiple departments and locations. Speed, scalability and sensibility matter- our objective is to make your team more efficient and effective without giving them “more to do.”

US Dept of Defense Security Clearance

All Delta Bravo resources have either received or are in the process of receiving US DoD Clearance. All Delta Bravo resources are located in the US and we do not offshore any capabilities, software or resources.

Delta Bravo selected to deliver Keynote at AeroDef Conference in March 2020

Delta Bravo selected to present at the AeroDef Manufacturing Conference in Fort Worth, TX in March 2020.

Delta Bravo selected for Keynote at SC Automotive Industry Summit, February 2020

Delta Bravo and Rolls-Royce will be delivering the kickoff Keynote at SCMA’s Automotive Summit on February 27, 2020!


Rick Oppedisano, Delta Bravo CEO

Delta Bravo featured Cover Story for Smart Manufacturing Magazine

Delta Bravo leadership featured in November 2018 Smart Manufacturing Magazine issue on AI Innovation.


Delta Bravo named Keynote for Smart Manufacturing Experience 2020

Delta Bravo will be speaking at industry-leader event in Pittsburgh, PA.


Delta Bravo leading Breakout Session at National CAT Dealership Conference

Featured presenter on creating value from demand, inventory and supplier data at industry-leading Caterpillar dealer conference in Orlando, FL, April 6, 2020.