Delta Bravo AI turns plant floor data into
Predictive Models that improve throughput and
quality while reducing waste and unplanned downtime.

Trusted By the World’s Best to Turn Data into Results.


We create competitive advantage for our customers through improved operating efficiency and workforce readiness across multiple products, lines and plants.  

Delta Bravo has driven significant ROI for 75+ manufacturers in the Automotive, Aerospace, Metals/Mining, Agricultural, Chemical and Life Science sectors since 2016.


Delta Bravo is used to help Rolls-Royce predict engine failures, saving $millions and driving a 10X ROI within 90 days of contract signing.

“There had been other efforts in this area that seemed to go on longer than planned. It was important to deploy this quickly. The initial capability was deployed less than 45 days after we signed the contract.”

Kirsten Booth
Digital Transformation Leader, Rolls-Royce Power Systems

$20B Global Steel giant Nucor leverages Delta Bravo to reduce steel scrap and increase throughput for prime products.


  • Model baselines and predicts element behavior, weight, length of intermix, element specs from the first grade and more
  • Detects Anomalies in behaviors that influence product quality
  • Model predicts where Operator needs to cut to ensure product is in spec
  • Used for over 400 different specs and products
  • Reduces time and safety risk by eliminating need for secondary samples
  • Easy-to-use interface helps new employees ramp up faster

Industry-leading mushroom producer South Mill uses Delta Bravo to predict compost quality by phase, giving growers real-time feedback and recommendations for maximizing yield per square foot.


  • Ingested over 108 Million data points from application, machine, database and spreadsheet sources
  • Developed “Single Source of Truth” dataset by cleaning and joining operational and financial data
  • Identified correlations between production variables and incremental profit
  • Data-driven tools enabling growers to improve profitability on a real-time basis

Delta Bravo CEO recognized in Top 25 Leaders Transforming Manufacturing

All in this compilation were identified by SME Media’s Smart Manufacturing magazine in consultation with manufacturing experts from across a full range of industry segments and disciplines. Delta Bravo's Rick Oppedisano was recognized with industry peers from Moderna, GE, Ford and more.

“We’ve seen in the last several months how quickly our industry can rebound to near full production,” said Robert Willig, executive director and CEO of SME. “These 25 luminaries in manufacturing are pushing the pace of change in our industry, paving the path that leads to elevated quality, improved productivity, increased profitability and higher employment here in North America."

Driven by Process, Platform and Scale.


Delta Bravo jumpstarts Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 efforts with a combination of expert people, proven process and purpose-built technology.

We work with Plant Managers and leaders in Quality, Continuous Improvement and Maintenance to scale 5 Target Use Cases across multiple lines and plants.

Predictive Maintenance
Detect the irregular heartbeat before the heart attack of downtime and performance degradation.

Predictive Quality
Identify and fix potential defects before they manifest themselves in production.

Scrap/Waste Reduction
Identify and fix factors influencing scrap in continuous processes or assembly.

Yield and Throughput Increase
Identify and fix bottlenecks and hidden factors limiting throughput and yield.

Demand and Inventory Movement Forecasting
Reduce supply chain risk by ensuring the right amount of parts and raw materials are present.

Move from Mountains of Raw Data to a Clean, Relevant Dataset.


Acquire, Cleanse and Transform Your Data
Access, cleanse and organize data from sources ranging from applications and APIs to databases, PLCs, sensors, devices and more.

Establish a Single Source of Truth for Analysis and Modeling
Real time data cleansing and joining. A Data Warehouse ready for Enterprise access, running on the infrastructure of your choice.

Quickly Identify Correlations and Hidden Insights.


See What Matters. Dive Even Deeper.
Find what’s really behind critical business outcomes. Advanced filtering intelligence for granular detail on the metrics that matter most.

Custom Visualizations and Functionality
Create custom visualization for Digital Twin applications or processes specific to your business.

Build and Scale Models Faster.


Get the Computing Power You Need- For Development and Deployment.
Remove the complexity of compute provisioning. Get the resources you need to push models to production APIs or interfaces with one click. Leverage the power of Kubernetes for faster, more efficient test and training operations on large datasets.

All of the Features You’ll Need- and more
All of the features seen in popular notebooks with a more streamlined interface- plus unique features like Collaboration mode, Code Versioning and more.

Keep Control of Your Intellectual Property.


Secure Your Data Science Assets
Don’t leave valuable cleansing scripts, calculations and models in the hands of open source, cloud-based systems- all models and Data Science IP is catalogued and secured in Delta Bravo.

Stay Compliant with Code Versioning, Model Auditing and More
Keep track of how models change with retraining and tuning. Produce audits and analysis of code versions. Be able to understand and track all changes to valuable models and scripts.

Unrivaled Technical Advantage.

Delta Bravo is a Kubernetes-native platform, meaning that it can be deployed in any combination of cloud or on-premise configuration. Workloads and models are containerized with the goal of getting the best performance for data-intensive workloads while minimizing resource use.


No Technical Lock-In
Native Kubernetes configuration enables cloud, multi-cloud, on-prem or hybrid deployments. Put your Data Lake and Data Value capabilities into the configuration that makes the most sense now with the capability to switch easily in the future.

Better Performance, Lower Costs
Containerize workloads to improve performance while optimizing resource utilization. Ensure the biggest bang for your infrastructure buck.

Less Complexity, More Control
Capabilities for ETL, Advanced Analytics, ML/AI all in one platform. Less tool creep, less licenses, training and support models to deal with.

Quicker Provisioning, Easier Integration
Quickly provision compute from the resources of your choice. Easily integrate models and data via API to new or existing applications, databases and more.

Built for the Data-Driven Culture.

We enable dynamic, learning oriented companies to obtain the most value from their data, providing a single source of truth for Data Quality, Literacy and Access across multiple roles and lines of business.


Get the Capability, Not the Headache.

Operations Teams don’t want to add more tools, software or training to their already busy day. We get it. Delta Bravo is built to integrate with your existing processes, applications and workstreams to minimize disruption and gain value faster.

For example, with Rolls-Royce, we deployed Predictive Quality models to their test centers without a minute of Operations disruption or retraining.

Drive Analytics for Strategic and Operational Decision-making.

A lot of profit can fall between the operational cracks, and analytics can be a game changer in the way it leads to improved operational discipline.  Exercise more-centralized control of operational business decision-making, answering questions such as, “What price point should be used for this customer on this day?” or “What inventory products should be pulled forward or out of the supply chain?”

If you’re a CFO seeking to shift the organization from a historical perspective to a forward-looking perspective, we can help.


Make it Easier to Find those Hidden Nuggets.

Delta Bravo’s easy to use interface empowers Business Analysts to connect to and explore their data quickly. Discover trends and patterns in large datasets or combinations of datasets. Quickly create and share visualizations and reports to communicate your findings to teams across the business. 

We’ll handle the hard stuff. No need for advanced code or product training- Delta Bravo is an extension rather than a limit to analysts’ current capabilities and skill sets.

Spend More Time Driving Value to the Business.

The granular “blocking and tackling” of Data Science- data access, data pre-processing, feature engineering, model training and testing- takes time. Not to mention accessing and provisioning the right compute resources. With Delta Bravo, Data Scientists can streamline these processes with automation, reusable components, collaboration features and more.

Automate compute provisioning and data processing. Build, test and deploy models faster. Spend less time on the hard stuff and more time on working with the business to provide value from the data.

Build a Best Practice Environment for Machine Learning and AI.

Running Machine Learning models and AI is still a VERY new thing. Most IT shops don’t have a frame of reference for architecting, building and supporting secure and cost-efficient computing environments for these use cases.

Delta Bravo serves as the foundation for a secure, compliant, high-performance Data Science environment. We’ll help you achieve Best Practices for cost-efficiency and scale, with specialized attention towards compute allocation and governance.