Delta Bravo automates the most complex and time-consuming parts of Data Science, taking companies from raw data to production AI quickly and cost-effectively.

Manufacturers from Atlas Copco to Rolls Royce use Delta Bravo AI to improve processes and save millions.

We’ve improved First Pass Quality for silicones, plastics, fiber, metallics and more. We’ve reduced unplanned downtime through Predictive Maintenance in automotive, pharmaceutical and battery plants.  Delta Bravo is also used to anticipate demand and optimize supply chain, inventory management and logistics operations.

Our flexible deployment options minimize disruption of current processes and enable AI to be operationalized quickly and affordably.

On May 28, 2019 Delta Bravo AI predicted 5 of the 6 traffic accidents that occurred in one of America’s fastest-growing cities.
America’s Smartest Cities use Delta Bravo AI to improve Public Safety.

Rock Hill, SC is adjacent to Charlotte, NC and one of America’s fastest growing cities. Using data from traffic lights, historic traffic flow and accident data, past and forecasted weather data and city event information, we’re able to identify what intersections have the highest likelihood of a collision throughout the city within a 4-hour window, down to the percentage likelihood.  We can also track how traffic accidents, new construction and city events impact traffic flow and increase potential risk factors.

This helps municipal entities like the Rock Hill Police Department and Emergency Response deploy limited resources to the right places at the right time.

AccuWeather worked with Delta Bravo to launch an AI product that changed how businesses all over the world get the weather.
AccuWeather D3 helps businesses anticipate the impact of weather fluctation on sales, logistics and more.

Delta Bravo teamed with Microsoft and Accuweather to build D3, an AI platform that analyzes the relationship between historic and emerging weather patterns and a business’s key performance indicators, forecasting the impact of weather anomalies on revenue, product sales and operational cost.


For companies seeking to use AI and Machine Learning, Delta Bravo’s automation shortens the process, enabling fast and cost-effective adoption.

Prep The Data

Automated ingestion, cleansing, feature engineering and encoding

Apply A Framework

Fit data to curated models, apply workflows, integrate via API or UI

Customize and Extend

Add capabilities specific to your business; scale and ongoing support


Delta Bravo Frameworks offer the foundational elements for a successful AI deployment with the flexibility our customers need to integrate new capabilities with minimal change or disruption.


Reduce Cost of Poor Quality, increase Overall Equipment Efficiency through predictive maintenance and process modeling.


Predictive maintenance for critical infrastructure, LPR and adaptive signal control for better traffic management, safer schools and urban areas.


Combine online, in store, social and marketing data for deeper customer insight, targeted interactions and improved customer service.


Improve products, decrease fraud and reduce the risk of regulatory penalties with transaction anomaly detection, credit worthiness forecasting and more.


Predictive maintenance for critical water and electrical infrastructure, adaptive signal control for better traffic management and more.


Forecast results with predictive models, anticipate demand changes faster, personalize communications and promotions.


Understand how weather and other factors influence product sales, inventory, supply chain and operational costs.


Optimize menu, marketing, inventory and operational processes through predictive modeling and forecasting.


Keynote at SC Aerospace Conference

Delta Bravo was selected to deliver the keynote speech on AI in the Aerospace Industry at a recent SC Aerospace conference in Rock Hill, SC.


Cover Story for Smart Manufacturing Magazine

Rick Oppedisano, Delta Bravo CEODelta Bravo leadership featured in November 2018 Smart Manufacturing Magazine issue on AI Innovation.


Keynote at Industry Leading Manufacturers Conference

Delta Bravo selected to present at South Carolina Manufacturers Conference in October 2019.

Keynote at SC Logistics Tech Talk

Delta Bravo was selected to deliver the keynote speech on AI in the Logistics Industry at the SC Logistics Tech Talk Conference in Charleston, SC.

Traffic Safety AI featured at Microsoft AI Smart City and Government event

Delta Bravo was selected as the featured partner at Microsoft AI’s Smart City and Government event in Charlotte, NC on May 29, 2019.


Featured in Charlotte Business Journal

How This AI-driven Startup with Big Name Clients found its footing in Rock Hill” profiles Delta Bravo in its early stages in 2018.

From inception, Delta Bravo has been built in conjunction with our source technology providers, global service partners and industry-leading clients.

Microsoft Invests in Delta Bravo

Microsoft’s Global ISV team has invested in Delta Bravo, helping bolster our Azure capabilities and prepare our platform for purchase in the Azure marketplace.

ImmixGroup brings Delta Bravo to Public Sector

Partnership enables public sector and government entities to do business with Delta Bravo.

Delta Bravo selected for SCRA Membership

Delta Bravo passes due diligence, awarded membership in select state-sponsored incubator program.