Delta Bravo AI exposes and eliminates hidden “gotchas” that drive cost and risk. Save money and ensure long-term cloud success.

Reduce the Risk and Cost of Migrating to the Cloud.

Delta Bravo dives deep into application queries and data access methods, detecting critical operations, events and security settings specific to your environment. Gaps that impact cloud migration are surfaced, analyzed and addressed. Delta Bravo also identifies inefficient workloads and processes in your environment and prescribes a fix before they create cost in the cloud.

Keep Ongoing Costs Low and Performance High.

The secret to successful cloud environments is the right balance between resources and performance. Delta Bravo AI forecasts resource use and provides optimizations that keep your systems running smoothly in the cost range that’s right for you. You’ll gain insight on what processes are driving cost- and exactly what to do to make them more efficient.


Where do your database security levels stack up against Best Practices and Compliance standards? Delta Bravo AI fills the gaps in minutes.

Within 2 minutes of install, Delta Bravo identifies security and compliance liabilities- and shows you how to fix them.

Delta Bravo surfaces security and compliance gaps for standards ranging from PCI and HIPAA all the way up to the US Department of Defense STIG standards and GDPR. Our AI identifies violations and provides step-by-step instructions and any code needed to fix them.

Wait a second..your AI can forecast a data breach before it happens?

Delta Bravo uses Machine Learning to detect anomalous query patterns, user and system behaviors that could indicate an oncoming or present database security breach, alerting you before it impacts the business.


Unlike traditional monitoring tools, Delta Bravo forecasts and solves performance problems up to 30 days before they happen.

When Will CPU Impact Database Performance?

Delta Bravo, Delta Bravo AI, saas database monitoring

When Will Low Disk Space Cause Problems?

Delta Bravo, Delta Bravo AI, Database monitoring

When Will Low Memory Impact User Experience?

Delta Bravo, Delta Bravo AI, Database monitoring


Our AI forecasts performance problems before they happen and gives you the code to fix them.
We prioritize the most important fixes first so you spend time where it matters most.
Save hundreds of hours and get big performance gains.


Use your existing systems. Avoid vendor lock-in. Get “plug and play” AI and Machine Learning capabilities specific to your business case.

Want to try AI and Machine Learning, but don’t know where to start?

Delta Bravo makes it easy to securely integrate your data with our Machine Learning and AI models, customized to your specific goals and outcomes. We’ll help you understand what you can do with the data and how our capabilities align with your business case, getting you up and running in less than 30 days.

Predictive Maintenance and Industry 4.0 Use Cases

Delta Bravo’s machine learning algorithms take inputs from sensors — movement, vibration, temperature, current and more —on each device on the factory line. We build models of baseline performance and failure modes, and detect small deviations that can be leading indicators of a problem. Delta Bravo provides advance warning of an impending failure or degradation, keeping maintenance teams one step ahead and avoiding expensive scrambles to fix or replace a broken part.


From inception, Delta Bravo has been built in conjunction with our source technology providers, global service partners and industry-leading clients.

Microsoft Invests in Delta Bravo

Microsoft’s Global ISV team has invested in Delta Bravo, helping bolster our Azure capabilities and prepare our platform for purchase in the Azure marketplace.

Delta Bravo, RoundTower Technologies Announce Partnership

RoundTower Technologies, a leading US IT services firm, chooses Delta Bravo for cloud modernization, data and AI partnership.

Delta Bravo Accepted into Oracle Scaleup

Delta Bravo’s unique capabilities catch the attention of Oracle, added to select roster of globally-sponsored startups.

Delta Bravo awarded SCRA Acceleration Grant

AI startup passes due diligence, awarded prestigious startup grant sponsored by state funding board.