Businesses everywhere are seeking to use AI and machine learning to solve problems and gain competitive advantage. Delta Bravo gives them a place to start, using powerful capabilities for real world use cases.


Delta Bravo is a flexible machine learning and artificial intelligence platform that accelerates digital transformation.

Delta Bravo Data Fusion
Flexible Data Fusion
Leverage your existing infrastructure or our cloud for integrating, managing, and securing data of any kind, from any source.

Delta Bravo Models and Interface
Models and Presentation
We provide Machine Learning and AI models with a clean user interface that enables people to interact smoothly with data and make better decisions.

Delta Bravo Artificial Intelligence
For Any Data Problem
Proven technology that can be deployed today, shared across multiple systems, to produce operational results in days.


How can AI help you today? Start with these value-driving use cases that can be rolled out in a single day with Delta Bravo.

Data Security and Compliance
Identify database security and compliance vulnerabilities across large environments in seconds. Delta Bravo AI generates guidance, code and step-by-step instructions for the fix.

Application Performance
Thrill users. Save support teams hundreds of hours. Delta Bravo AI forecasts oncoming performance problems in critical applications up to 30 days before they happen- and provides code for the fix.

Cloud Transformation
Keep cloud performance high and costs low. Delta Bravo identifies inefficient workloads and processes in your environment and prescribes a fix before they create cost in the cloud.


Delta Bravo makes it easy to securely integrate your data with our Machine Learning and AI models, customized to your specific goals and outcomes.

Case Study: AccuWeather D3
Delta Bravo teamed with Microsoft and Accuweather to build D3, an AI platform that analyzes the relationship between historic and emerging weather patterns and a business’s key performance indicators, forecasting the impact of weather anomalies on revenue, product sales and operational cost.


From inception, Delta Bravo has been built in conjunction with our source technology providers, global service partners and industry-leading clients.

Microsoft Invests in Delta Bravo

Microsoft’s Global ISV team has invested in Delta Bravo, helping bolster our Azure capabilities and prepare our platform for purchase in the Azure marketplace.

ImmixGroup brings Delta Bravo to Public Sector

Partnership enables public sector and government entities to do business with Delta Bravo.

Delta Bravo Accepted into Oracle Scaleup

Delta Bravo’s unique capabilities catch the attention of Oracle, added to select roster of globally-sponsored startups.

Delta Bravo selected for SCRA Membership

Delta Bravo passes due diligence, awarded membership in select state-sponsored incubator program.