We believe manufacturing and civil infrastructure reflect the best of human achievement.



With Artificial Intelligence, we make them even better.


Manufacturers and civil infrastructure teams are under pressure to improve quality operations, reduce supply chain risk and drive productivity for a new generation of workers. Since 2016, they’ve trusted Delta Bravo.

We use AI to enhance processes and simplify the workforce experience without disruption or significant training time. Our customers don’t want more tools- they want solutions that empower their people to do more with less and achieve better results.


We Have an Unhealthy Obsession with Process.  


Optimizing processes to reduce waste, improve quality and drive greater throughput at a lower cost per unit is our sole focus. We create differentiated intellectual property that our customers own and scale to drive competitive advantage.

Our customers get started faster, get to value faster and don’t overtax their resources. We offer flexible support models and our solutions scale quickly and cost-effectively.  We partner with our customers to drive a multi-year roadmap for change delivered at a pace they can handle.

We Know The Right Data To Use, and What To Do With It.  


Most manufacturers have invested countless hours and dollars into data collection, but what is being done with it?  Delta Bravo AI  turns mountains of data from PLCs, MES systems, ERP and more into insight and tools that increase throughput while reducing quality defects and scrap.

Watch the video. Learn how Rolls-Royce used Delta Bravo AI to de-silo their data, transform quality operations and reduce defects by 90%.

We’ll Help You Drive Higher Productivity from a New Generation of Workers.


The next generation of workers learns differently than their predecessors. Nucor Steel operators produce thousands of high-quality product specs with minimal steel scrap and energy use. New teammates struggled to learn the complex legacy process, leading to higher scrap rates and turnover.

Watch the video. Learn how Nucor uses Delta Bravo AI Copilots to simplify operator decision-making, reduce training time and drive higher quality outcomes.

Scale The Value of AI Across The Operation for True Competitive Advantage.


Stuck with legacy demand forecasting processes and excessive or inadequate inventory levels?  Delta Bravo AI Copilots for Supply Chain smooth out the curve and reduce the risk of tied up capital, increased variable costs or stock-outs

There are no limits. Optimize heating and cooling system usage and output in real time. Improve efficiency of energy and water/wastewater operations. Combine your experience with our technology to maximize data value throughout the operation. We’re here to restore your leadership through better operations throughout the business.


De-Silo Data and Drive Enterprise Data Value faster with the Delta Bravo Platform. 


End-to-End Data Ingestion, Visualization, Transformation and Modeling
The Delta Bravo platform securely ingests data from any source, leveraging a library of reusable data transformation components to visualize and transform data. Quickly de-silo data, identify relationships, correlations and trends. Apply predictive models that fit your target process and outcome.

Deploy Copilot Interfaces to Fit Your Personas and Process
Persona-based predictive or descriptive outputs for hands-on operators, analysts and executive audience. Designed to enhance your processes, not disrupt.



What’s New At Delta Bravo

Delta Bravo is focused on solving high value, data-driven industry challenges. We update our platform frequently and are constantly forming new partnerships and integrations with industry leaders. Keep up by reading our posts here and following us on LinkedIn and YouTube.