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Repeatable, Sustainable Quality Changes Everything.

Golden Batch Copilot
Understand the hidden correlations and relationships that drive the difference between your best and worst performing batch. Learn the context, situation and order that drives variation in your results. Get recommendations on recipe setpoints and tolerance ranges that drive the highest probability of your target outcome.

Real Time Quality Copilot
Continuous processes can’t just stop and make a fix. Turn real time data into real time operator recommendations that drive the best possible quality outcomes. 

Quality Scenario Copilot
Thinking of introducing recycled raws or a new supplier to the mix?  Or maybe modernizing part or all of your line? The Quality Scenario Copilot helps you find the sweet spot for optimizing new factors faster. 


Free up Cash. Carry Less Inventory and Less Risk.

Demand Forecasting Copilot
Know what to make, when and how much. Integrate historic demand with production capacity data, external options like weather and more. Demand Forecasting Pilot integrates with your existing System of Record to reduce risk and put your business in a position to prosper.

Inventory Optimization Copilot
Know what to stock, where and how much. Forecast inventory movement, enabling you to free up cash, avoid stock outs and turn inventory faster.

Production Scheduling Copilot
Know what to make, how much and in what order.  Reduce daily planning complexity and deliver on the promise of right part, right place, right time.

Build Your Own AI Copilot and Drive Value at Scale.

Digital Twin Copilot
Unite MES, process and machine data. Add multivariate analysis and predictive capabilities. Proactively identify and resolve throughput, utilization and reliability bottlenecks.

Facilities Copilot
Add predictive capabilities to your Building Management System (BMS). Integrate weather and other data sources to forecast occupancy patterns and energy usage. Gain greater visibility into factors impacting critical equipment health and get in front of conditions that impact occupant safety and satisfaction.

Water/Wastewater Copilot
Anticipate water quality issues proactively using system data, weather and more. Help already strained resources do more with less to stay in compliance and deliver safe, reliable water to consumers and industry.