Our Mission


Delta Bravo AI was founded in 2016 to restore leadership to the businesses and people that make our world a better place.

We believe manufacturing and civil infrastructure form the backbone of a successful and flourishing society. 


We’ve all driven through towns that, just a decade or two ago, were thriving communities with great schools and full churches; generations of job stability all rooted in a strong manufacturing heritage.

And then, the manufacturing plant closed. Maybe the cost per unit was too high to compete; maybe there weren’t enough people to meet demand. When that plant’s lights went out for the last time, so did the light of hope. Supplier companies would shutter or leave town. Crime and drugs would soon enter the picture. The deteriorated plant infrastructure leaks PFAS (forever chemicals) into the soil, affecting water quality there and some 60 miles down the road. The beating heart of industry stopped and the town’s people were left empty, struggling to find purpose.

Our towns, families and country deserve better.  This is where we come in.


We believe people need purpose and process to find fulfillment.


There is a gap between how the previous and current generations learned and thrived in the workplace. The longer this gap exists, the greater the risk to our businesses and our way of life.

All we hear about is the power of AI, the risk and the potential. People think of AI like some kind of spaceship, but we see it as more of a time machine. We can move forward in time, gain incredible efficiencies, create new products and experiences. But in order for AI to work, we have to go backwards in time. Back to when people collaborated and worked together. We must reunite people with purpose and process.


Yes, Delta Bravo has incredible technology, but where we differ is the WAY we work.


We think about how we can bring joy back to the job- how can we build the brains and the hearts of our customers into our solution? Because for us, this isn’t just about making an algorithm. We’re reducing the time it takes for people to learn, making it easier for them to do more, to be there for their teams- to be SIGNIFICANT, to find purpose. And we’ve done it- at places like Nucor Steel, Rolls-Royce, Nephron Pharmaceuticals, Trane, AccuWeather, Coca-Cola and many, many others.

We were recently awarded a contract by the National Science Foundation to change the way people experience water. Our AI will be used to improve water system performance, water quality and system compliance in the communities that need it most.


We’re on a mission- to make the world a better place. We’re using AI and the best people we can find, both in our customer base and our internal teams.