AI visualizes and projects data growth trends for precise capacity and cost planning in large enterprise and global deployments.

ROCK HILL, SC –(January 3, 2018) – Delta Bravo, the world’s first AI platform for Database Management, released new capabilities to analyze and predict data growth and cost trends at the Datacenter level.

This new feature will be available to all existing Delta Bravo customers on January 3, 2018 and included in all new subscriptions until March 31, 2018. From April 1, 2018 forward, this feature will only be available in Delta Bravo’s Enterprise service tier.

Delta Bravo, AI for the Database

AI Delivers New Precision around Cloud, Cost Planning

“This new capability empowers CIOs and Infrastructure Managers to spot trends in growth and capacity costs from the datacenter to the database,” says Delta Bravo CEO Rick Oppedisano. “At the highest level, they can spot data growth, cost and performance trends for their entire deployment. They can identify what applications and workloads are influencing performance and cost today, then drill into predictive analytics to quantify future costs and growth trends. Our AI identifies specific optimizations that can change these trends, saving money and extending the life of existing infrastructure.”

Companies evaluating cloud deployments on platforms like Microsoft Azure can also benefit. “Most people don’t know what a DTU is or how to quantify it,” says Oppedisano. “New terminology like this can slow cloud adoption down. Delta Bravo identifies trends driving DTU growth and can help predict the impact on cost as data grows. With this information, its easier to project cloud costs and identify which workloads would make the most financial sense to move to the cloud.”

Data Growth, Shortage of Experts Driving AI Use Case

Explosive data growth is driving unprecedented cost and risk in the datacenter, and there simply aren’t enough people to keep up. Oppedisano explains, “Integration of data into cloud applications, warehouses and other analytics platforms has created a huge maintenance need at the database. That’s left enterprise IT Service Operations teams – whose job it is to manage mission critical applications and infrastructure – struggling to catch up and keep their businesses running smoothly. Our vision of using machine learning to automate and scale Data Service Operations matches the needs of our customers, whether they’re startups, enterprises or large Managed Service Providers.”

About Delta Bravo

Delta Bravo is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence platform for Database Management. Delta Bravo handles the time-consuming work of database management, like trend analysis, performance tuning, security and compliance audits. Delta Bravo’s mission is to help technical resources resolve database issues 90% faster than conventional tools and save users hundreds of hours per year in maintenance time.

Delta Bravo uses data science to analyze massive volumes of database activity and turn them into actionable insights. Our AI Platform observes patterns in customer systems that help us understand how data flows, how it’s being maintained and the impact of its growth on surrounding applications and systems. From these observations, we make specific, actionable recommendations tailored to each individual customer.

Founded in 2016, Delta Bravo is backed by PGE Capital and is headquartered in Rock Hill, SC. For more information visit or follow Delta Bravo on Twitter @deltabravoapp.