Delta Bravo CEOs Holiday Cards Entertain, Inspire

Let’s face it. Nobody likes doing family holiday cards, but Delta Bravo CEO Rick Oppedisano and his family take it to another level, laughing all the way.

“Hiring a photographer, getting kids dressed up, smiling, yeah, its a lot and that’s before you even order the cards, envelopes and stamps,” says Delta Bravo CEO Rick Oppedisano. “We figured that, if we’re going to do it, we’re going to enjoy it.” Oppedisano, his wife Shelley and twin daughters Michaela and Madeleine have been at it ever since. “I handle the photography and graphic design, Shelley handles styling and we work together on the concept,” says Oppedisano.

Here are some cards from their collection over the years. We hope they entertain and inspire!

2013:  Exploding Cars, Bank Robbery and Cute Babydolls

“This was the first one we really went for it,” says Oppedisano.  “We loved the naughty/nice idea and decided to take it to the next level, like a scene from a Michael Bay movie. My favorite part of this one is the guest star, Maddie’s ever-present babydoll Katie.”

2014: In the South, Revenge is a Dish Best Served Fried

“The girls were 6-7 years old at this time,” explains Oppedisano.  “We wanted to start showing more of their personalities. This first one was a big hit, especially with my family back home in NY. Shelley had a blast doing Michaela’s hair!”

2015: Be Careful What You Wish For

“The girls were getting into Harry Potter, so we wanted to do something with magic. Maddie was all about the snow, going so far as to ask for it for Christmas,” says Oppedisano. “In the previous year’s card, Maddie got “revenge” on Michaela for tying her up in Christmas lights. For this one, Michaela casts a spell and traps Maddie in a crystal snow ball.  Be careful what you wish for!”

2016: Celebrating our Differences

“Right after the 2016 election people were going crazy on social media,” says Oppedisano. “Tried to do a fun message to remind everyone that our differences are what makes us all unique and life so interesting! My favorite part of this is the backdrop for Maddie is from a Motley Crue concert and that’s Tommy Lee on drums.  The backdrop for Michaela is Thomas Edison’s actual laboratory in Menlo Park!”


2017: Silver Screen Holiday Classics

“These are our favorite scenes from Home Alone, Scrooged, A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. My favorite part of this card is the attention to detail- all of the background plates are scenes from the real movies,” says Oppedisano. “Check out Ralphie behind Michaela next to the pole!”

2018:  Holiday Cheer is Simply Irresistible

“The girls were really getting into music at this time,” Oppedisano says. “Michaela started drum lessons and Maddie played in her first piano recital. Shelley and I are both big music and pop culture people, so this one came together pretty well. ‘Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love’ became ‘might as well face it, it’s the season of love.’ Shelley killed it on the hair, makeup and outfits.”  You can check out Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” here on Vimeo for the inspiration.

2020: Pandemic Mayhem

“I wanted to do something uniquely 2020, but without protests, politics or anything divisive,” Oppedisano says. “The Zoom experience, kids at home, barking dogs, internet issues…this is something we can all relate to!”

2021: Smells Like Teen Spirit

“Michaela and Madeleine turn 13 on December 26, so we just couldn’t resist this one. Plus, Shelley loves Nirvana and Kurt Cobain,” says Oppedisano. “And those who know the video will enjoy the attention to detail.”

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to share with your friends and loved ones who might need a laugh and some inspiration!