What Is The Delta Bravo Tech Cred Program?


Delta Bravo Artificial Intelligence, Inc has developed a unique course curriculum combining meeting-based instruction, hands on participation and product prototyping designed to:


  • Help manufacturers run healthier, more competitive companies; leverage data to reduce cost per unit through improved quality, yield and workforce readiness; reduce waste
  • Improve workforce readiness through better use of data; give operators better tools and drives sustainable competitive advantage for that manufacturer
  • Guide manufacturers through the data maturity lifecycle, making the most value of what they have now and building a roadmap for the future (advanced analytics, machine learning, AI)
  • Elevate data maturity from the plant floor to the board room, aligned with partners like the South Carolina MEP, SC Fraunhofer Alliance, College of Charleston, CIFT and the Ohio MEP, leveraging TechCred to maximize impact and reduce risk


Participants have the opportunity to learn and leverage frameworks used in successful Advanced Analytics and Industrial AI engagements with industry leaders like Rolls-Royce, Nucor Steel, Continental, Gulfstream, AccuWeather, Butterball and more.


Program Format


Selected participants are eligible to earn Delta Bravo’s Advanced Analytics and Data Readiness Certification and Industry 4.0 Pilot and Prototyping Certification.

The program:

  • Offers in-person and online instruction and participation (onsite kickoff, regular online meetings, supplementary online learning)
  • Is highly tech-focused: hands on work guided by industry experts, leveraging real production data, processes and analytics to create a usable production pilot
  • Provides value beyond participating organizations; optimized process outcomes will improve supplier relationships, customer satisfaction and create opportunities for new partnerships
  • Can not be used for college credits
  • Requires 10 credit hours for each certification level (6 in total, 60 hours)
  • Is priced at $2,000 per participant for each certification level



Advanced Analytics and Data Readiness Certification


This process is based on a Best Practice Framework and Approach used in over 75 successful Advanced Analytics and Industrial AI Use Cases ranging from Quality Optimization to Predictive Maintenance and Sustainability.

  • This certification requires completion of three (3) levels before completion
  • Advanced Analytics and Data Readiness Certification must be completed before applying for additional certifications


Level I: Advanced Analytics and AI Value Framework
Analysts from Gartner to Emerj note that 85% of Advanced Analytics and AI projects don’t make it to production and/or fail when they do. Delta Bravo shares a proven framework used to drive measurable ROI, improved workforce readiness and value at scale.  This framework will be used to identify potential use cases, then prioritize these use cases into a roadmap based on organizational value, risk and resource availability.


Level II: Use Case Selection and Process Optimization Plan
A target Use Case is selected from the Advanced Analytics and AI Value Framework. A Process Optimization Plan is applied to identify the areas of the process and personas that are affected. Operators and process engineers enter the discussion to create contrast in how processes are done today vs. the benefits of change, and how best to incrementally apply and iterate a solution. 


Level III: Data Readiness and Pilot Functionality Assessment
Once the Process Optimization plan is in place, available data must be evaluated for feasibility. Validating data accuracy and pilot functionality is critical to building trust, acceptance and adoption of the solution. Guided by Delta Bravo experts, the team will review a sample dataset for the Target Use Case to confirm viability and identify any gaps. We will also discuss how and where the capability can be piloted, targeting people and process in a way that minimizes disruption and adds value.  Criteria for Pilot success is established and agreed upon.


Final Deliverables
By the end of this certification, participants and participating companies receive the Delta One Deliverable, summarizing the information collected through each of these three Certification stages.


Industry 4.0 Pilot and Prototyping Certification


Participants in this Certification module will complete three (3) levels, learning how to:

  • Design and Build an Advanced Analytics/ML/AI prototype
  • Integrate new capabilities into existing process with minimal disruption
  • Track effectiveness of prototype with KPIs and ROI metrics
  • Support solution moving forward


Level I: User Interface Design 
Participants will leverage a Delta Bravo framework for developing requirements for the solution’s user interface, working in conjunction with targeted operators and users. These requirements will be translated into a user interface design that is iteratively refined to meet the criteria articulated in the Data Readiness and Pilot Functionality Assessment.


Level II: Process Integration and Pilot Deployment
Working with the Delta Bravo team on the Delta Bravo platform, a pilot is created targeting a manageable area or process. Teams will work with process leadership and operators to integrate the pilot in a way that minimizes disruption and adds value.  Iteration will occur until the pilot is accepted based on the requirements and criteria articulated in the Data Readiness and Pilot Functionality Assessment.


Level III: Scalability and Ongoing Support
Participants will work with Delta Bravo experts to understand the requirements of maintaining and scaling an Advanced Analytics/Industrial AI solution.  This may include but is not limited to data pipeline updates, machine learning model tuning and retraining, additional dataset integration methods and user interface modification.


Final Deliverables
Participants and participating companies will have a functional, scalable and supportable Advanced Analytics/Industrial AI solution in their environment..


Are You Eligible?


Companies working with participating MEP programs are eligible. Contact your Regional MEP or CIFT Representative and ask about the Delta Bravo Tech Creds program.