ROCK HILL, SC, October 25, 2022 – From over 50,000 worldwide Cisco partners, Delta Bravo Artificial Intelligence among 13 selected for Digital Solutions Integrator Program

Improving production throughput and workforce readiness for manufacturers while reducing waste is the focus of a new partnership between Delta Bravo Artificial Intelligence and Cisco Systems (CSCO).

Delta Bravo Artificial Intelligence, Inc. today announced it has joined the Cisco® Digital Solutions Integrator (DSI) Program. The DSI Program selects strategic partners from Cisco’s worldwide partner network to provide unique value and perspective to Cisco’s most important customers.  Out of over 50,000 Cisco partner companies worldwide, less than 20 are selected for the DSI Program.

“Cisco DSI Partners are at the forefront of digital transformation. It’s all about driving new digital conversations, and DSIs help partners quickly steer those discussions to the ‘why’. They help the customer define the digital journey in terms of investments and business outcomes,” says Nick Larison, DSI Business Development Manager. “Delta Bravo plays that role for manufacturers moving towards the smart factory. Our partnership provides an opportunity for Cisco customers to work with an industry leader, and truly benefit from integrating data across the plant floor.”

Delta Bravo works with manufacturers like Rolls-Royce, Continental, Nucor Steel and more to improve throughput and quality while reducing waste and unplanned downtime.  “Delta Bravo empowers smart manufacturing by bringing data together across operations, using machine learning and AI to spot improvement opportunities,” says Rick Oppedisano, CEO of Delta Bravo. “We improve workforce readiness with tools that help operators make better decisions faster.”

Cisco will work with Delta Bravo to provide manufacturing customers a Best Practice network and security architecture to support IoT, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence efforts across multiple plants and facilities.

A Fortune Business Insights™ report titled, “Smart Manufacturing Market Share, 2022-2029,” expects the global smart manufacturing market size to grow from USD 277.81 billion in 2022 to USD 658.41 billion in 2029 at a CAGR of 13.1% during the 2022-2029 period. Developing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud, big data, and Machine Learning (ML) are predicted to drive customer benefit and market growth.

“Manufacturers leveraging machine learning and AI are learning new lessons about the network,” says Oppedisano. “Machine learning models often require more data to be collected more often. Robust network performance is critical. When those models go into production and the business depends on them for daily operations, data sources need to be secured to maintain accuracy and reliability. Cisco’s Best Practice network and security architecture protects the credibility and value of our customers’ smart factory investment.”

Headquartered in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Delta Bravo helps manufacturers turn data into Predictive Models that reduce downtime and waste while increasing quality and throughput. The company’s flagship product, the Delta Bravo platform, empowers rapid data transformation and offers several options for integrating machine learning and AI solutions into existing manufacturing processes and systems.  Delta Bravo has empowered greater operating margin and workforce readiness for customers like Rolls-Royce, AccuWeather, Nucor Steel, Toyota, Continental, Gulfstream and more since 2017.  For more information, please visit Delta Bravo’s website at

Ashley West, Delta Bravo