Where do your database security levels stack up against Best Practices and Compliance standards? Delta Bravo AI fills the gaps in minutes.

Within 2 minutes of install, Delta Bravo identifies database security and compliance liabilities- and shows you how to fix them.

Delta Bravo surfaces security and compliance gaps for standards ranging from PCI and HIPAA all the way up to the US Department of Defense STIG standards and GDPR. Save months of work and reduce risk now. Delta Bravo AI identifies violations and provides step-by-step instructions and any code needed to fix them.

Delta Bravo Database Security and Compliance Screenshot
Delta Bravo AI for the Enterprise

Can Machine Learning forecast a data breach before it happens?

Delta Bravo uses Machine Learning to detect anomalous query patterns, user and system behaviors that could indicate an oncoming or present database security breach, alerting you before it impacts the business. Be proactive and limit attack vectors on your most valuable assets.

Delta Bravo Database Security AI delivers instant value for administrators, line of business stakeholders and executives. Within hours, companies can significantly strengthen their security posture at the data tier.

Database Security does not ship in the box and each application is unique in its requirements. Delta Bravo AI helps you understand which combination of features and functionality are most appropriate to counter known threats, and to anticipate threats that may arise in the future.