Delta BravoNames have been removed or edited to protect the innocent…from the Compliance Police.

A new client and longtime friend of the Delta Bravo team recently shared how they dealt with a SQL Server HIPAA compliance fire drill. They used Delta Bravo AI to:

  • Identify and fill immediate security/compliance gaps
  • Project impact of code changes prior to production deployment
  • Optimization of code prior to production deployment
  • Full report on SQL Server HIPAA Compliance for audit teams

Most healthcare data teams do this; what made this situation exceptional was that it had to get done before the end of the week.

“Where Delta Bravo shines is how fast a precise analysis is produced and shared,” says our source. “Sure, there are other tools that can do compliance audits, but none of them do it at this scale, this fast and give you concise guidance on how to make an immediate impact.”

Red Alert: SQL Server HIPAA
Compliance Audit delta bravo, sql server hipaa compliance

“On a Tuesday, we were made aware that we needed to contribute to a Compliance Audit report,” says our source.

This healthcare provider, like many others, runs a large-scale EHR/EMR management application. This application sits on top of a SQL Server 2014 deployment. Changing requirements for reporting have led to a lot of ad hoc queries being run, new users requested access to data and more. The in-house database team had focused capacity management, supporting the business in creating new reports and ensuring performance levels met requirements.

Within minutes of deploying Delta Bravo, the team had a breakdown of which databases had the most compliance issues. “This told us where to start, and depending on the depth of need, which internal resource to put on the work,” says our source.

Identifying Compliance Gaps

Delta Bravo identifies Compliance gaps based on a selected criteria: HIPAA, PCI, SOX, DoD STIGs and more. In this case, a gap for SQL Server HIPAA compliance was identified, along with how Delta Bravo found it and a breakdown of the next steps/SQL statements necessary to fill the gap.

delta bravo

Predicting Impact of Change, Optimization and Reporting

Delta Bravo uses Predictive Analytics to provide pre and post-deployment feedback on code changes. This is important to understand the impact of a change on system resources and performance.

delta bravo

Once the impact on performance was observed, code was optimized and reanalyzed. With the proper performance impact achieved, code was promoted.

A corresponding SQL Server HIPAA Compliance Report was generated to share the server’s successful updates in advance of the pending audit.

Confirmation of Success

Once the environment is updated, the change Event is recorded in Delta Bravo and the Security/Compliance score updated. “It’s fast feedback, which is what we needed to know we could move to the next instance,” says our source.

A New Level of Efficiency

Applying Machine Learning models to database management enables you to:

  • Predict performance trends, capacity and potential security and/or compliance breaches
  • Correlate system spikes and/or anomalous behavior to specific events, actions and code
  • Model all possible fixes and identify the remediation that has the highest likelihood for success

Learn more about how Delta Bravo can reduce the amount of time you spend on database management and make your environment more secure, compliance and efficient.