Delta Bravo AI

Delta Bravo AI automates the hardest parts of data science, reducing the time and cost to deploy Machine Learning and AI capabilities.

Delta Bravo AI simplifies your process from the start, curating a series of algorithms proven to work.


We’re actively working with credit unions, banks and insurance companies using data to lower risk and increase end customer value.

Banks and financial services firms are required to collect and keep massive amounts of data. Delta Bravo is working with credit unions, banks, insurance companies and others to leverage this data proactively, adding value to the business and end customer. Here are some common use cases for the Delta Bravo Financial Services Framework.


Detecting Transaction Anomalies

Delta Bravo AI empowers administrators to be proactive if transactions start to spike above or fall below the norm so they can take action before an outage in service or a fraud scenario. Delta Bravo AI evaluates expected data volumes based on historical patterns and applies boundaries based on volume variation. This system is then used to compare real-time transaction value to expected volume, identifying anomalies in activity, resource consumption and more. delta bravo

Credit Risk Analysis

delta bravo, machine learning, AI for the databaseDelta Bravo AI identifies credit payment and churn risks, leveraging various data sources to score applicants. Scoring and risk analysis is based on a number of factors like current income, employment opportunity, recent credit history, and ability to earn in addition to older credit history. Patters are also able to detect credit card “churners,” applicants who are rarely profitable for the card issuer. Delta Bravo AI also provides reason codes for credit decisions that explain the key factors in credit decisions, meeting compliance requirements for GLB. delta bravo

Fighting Fraud

Detecting and preventing fraud is a huge challenge for banks given the large variety of fraud types and the volume of transactions that need to be reviewed and manual or rules-based systems can’t keep up. Delta Bravo AI analyzes transactions and looks for indicators of suspicious behavior including transactions with dubious jurisdictions, suspicious companies or known parties. If fraud patterns are detected, Delta Bravo AI triggers processes to reject transactions outright or flag transactions for investigation and can even score the likelihood of fraud, so investigators can prioritize their work on the most promising cases.


Delta Bravo Frameworks leverage reusable, proven elements from successful AI engagements to get projects moving quicker while retaining the flexibility each unique customer needs.