Delta Bravo AI

Delta Bravo AI automates the hardest parts of data science, reducing the time and cost to deploy Machine Learning and AI capabilities.

Delta Bravo AI simplifies your process from the start, curating a series of algorithms proven to work.


The world’s leading manufacturers, from Atlas Copco to Rolls Royce, use Delta Bravo AI to improve First Pass Yield, Reduce Unplanned Downtime and deploy Predictive Maintenance solutions.

Delta Bravo Frameworks leverage reusable, proven elements from successful AI engagements to get projects moving quicker while retaining the flexibility each unique customer needs. Common uses of our Manufacturing framework include:


Reduce Cost, Unplanned Downtime with Predictive Maintenance


According the International Society of Automation, a typical factory loses between 5% and 20% of its manufacturing capacity due to downtime. Delta Bravo leverages data and context to generate more accurate predictions of the lifespan for a component given environmental conditions. When specific failure signals are observed, or component aging criteria is projected, Delta Bravo forecasts this to manufacturing operations, giving them several weeks advanced notice of when components should be replaced.

Improve OEE by optimizing planned downtime, reducing labor costs by ensuring parts and inventory is ordered and planned for install well in advanced of costly stoppage.

Case Study:
Delta Bravo is currently working with a global manufacturer with over 4,000 machines in 250 client sites worldwide. We’re helping the manufacturer forecast maintenance events and proactively train client operators to optimize planned downtime and reduce costly stoppage. The manufacturer anticipates a 20% reduction in internal maintenance costs, up to a 75% downtime reduction for customers and 25% longer life of parts through better trained operators.

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Higher First Pass Yield, Lower Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)


From machine manufacturers to plastics and additives, Delta Bravo helps teams identify anomalies and hard-to-find factors influencing production output. We’ll work with QA, Operations and R&D teams to leverage data that’s being collected today and deploy trained models in a way that supports, not disrupts the business.

Case Study:
Delta Bravo is currently working with Rolls Royce to predict engine failures on a test bed. Our models integrate with existing Operator software to stop the test prior to failure, provide a Root Cause and enable the Operator to restart the test; creating a new capability without disrupting existing processes or requiring training on new systems.

Delta Bravo is also working with a major plastics manufacturer, assisting their R&D team in identifying anomalies that impact varying outputs from the same recipe. Our correlation models helped the team identify minute changes reducing quality issues by 40%, saving the company months of time and millions of dollars.