Frequently Asked Questions

A list of common inquiries, expanding regularly.

Is this just for SQL Server, or does it apply to other database types?

We are launching with SQL Server and Azure Database support, but will be rolling out support for MySQL and PostgreSQL next.

How does this get installed?

Delta Bravo is comprised of two main components:

  • The Delta Bravo Collector
    The Collector is an application which is installed on a Windows server in your environment. Its primary responsibility is to gather statistics from both SQL and the OS to securely transmit to the Delta Bravo Cloud Based application.
  • The Delta Bravo Cloud Application
    The Cloud application receives information from the collector(s), organizes it, compares it to best practices and displays the result for your administrators to act on.

Installation of the Delta Bravo Collector is simple. We’ll ask you to set up a VM in your environment (we’ll send you the minimum specs) that is controlled by your Active Directory/security settings. Then, we’ll need a SQL Server account and an OS account. Once those are prepared, we’ll send you the Delta Bravo Collector to begin gathering training data from your environment. The Delta Bravo Collector is agentless and does not sit on SQL Server- therefore we can ensure minimal to zero performance impact on your environment.

Setup and installation, once the VM is setup and accounts are ready, often takes less than 5 minutes.

The Delta Bravo collector can be uninstalled from Windows Add/Remove programs.

What information is Delta Bravo collecting?

Delta Bravo collects various performance counters and configuration settings for both SQL Server and the Windows server where it is installed. No information stored in the database user tables themselves are ever reviewed, collected or transferred to the Delta Bravo cloud.

Delta Bravo also collects information on the changes made in your environment. This helps train our model to understand common change factors and produce relevant, high-impact recommendations specific to your database’s use case.

How is the SQL information collected?

A small application called the Delta Bravo collector is installed on a Windows server inside your network. Once installed, you configure the collector to point to any SQL instances you wish to monitor and configure it with appropriate credentials. Usernames and passwords are never transmitted over the internet or stored in the Delta Bravo cloud.

Any sensitive information contained in queries or other SQL elements is obfuscated to ensure no violation of compliance policies.

What prevents Delta Bravo from directly accessing our SQL servers?

Typically, SQL servers are never accessible from outside the corporate network. All information is gathered by the collector and then communicated to the cloud via communication initiated by the collector. No traffic is ever initiated by the Delta Bravo Cloud application. In addition, the credentials (usernames and passwords) being used by the collector to gather counters from SQL are kept local to the collector server and are never transmitted or stored to the Delta Bravo cloud. No one at Delta Bravo will have the permissions or network access to your SQL environment.

How is data transmitted over the internet?

All communication between the collector and the Delta Bravo cloud is encrypted via SSL. A single port (443) is required between the Delta Bravo Collector and the Delta Bravo cloud.

How is the data stored in the Delta Bravo Cloud?

All operational data collected from your SQL servers is encrypted at rest in the Delta Bravo cloud.

What are Delta Bravo’s internal security policies?

Delta Bravo employs an information-centric approach built around Zero Trust principles. The following pillars are central to our approach.

  • Stringent Content Management
  • Tracking Data In Motion
  • Access Tracking
  • Production Automation

This combination of content monitoring plus context-aware monitoring equals information-centric security: knowing our digital assets are protected against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, recording or destruction.


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