The world’s weather leader trusts Delta Bravo to manage billions of critical data requests for innovative new platform.

AccuWeather’s D3 Platform combines the world’s most complete global real-time and historical weather database with third-party and client datasets to uncover new levels of business intelligence through proprietary statistical analytics and predictive modeling.

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Protecting People (and profit) from Mother Nature

AccuWeather D3 integrates historical information with complex custom algorithms to predict retail revenue, product sales, foot traffic and much more.

For example, supply chain managers alerted of which routes and stores are impacted by unexpected weather. Historic information on how that business functioned during that weather condition is calculated and delivered to the interface. Delivery routes are altered to ensure timely completion. Marketing teams re-target product sales. Operations teams adjust staffing models or move threatened employees to safety.

Benefits of Database Management with Delta Bravo

AccuWeather leverages Microsoft Azure and Azure SQL to process the massive datasets powering AccuWeather D3.  Delta Bravo is used to monitor database uptime, performance and security and growth trends.  Delta Bravo provides real-time performance recommendations, each prioritized and ordered in the context of their impact on the application’s performance.  As AccuWeather D3 continues to expand globally, Delta Bravo provides key database security recommendations to protect against intrusion or compliance violations.

delta bravo, delta bravo database management

Managing I/O is critical to running a cost-effective cloud data platform.  Delta Bravo provides real-time analysis of factors impacting cost, identifying the systems and processes using the most resources and providing recommendations on how to optimize them.

Using Delta Bravo in the development cycle reduced the time needed to diagnose and resolve database performance issues in QA, helping AccuWeather bring the product to market nearly 50% faster than initially estimated.

“Our goal is to help companies bring exciting, innovative data products like AccuWeather D3 to the market quicker and more affordably,” says Delta Bravo CEO Rick Oppedisano.  “With Delta Bravo, companies accomplish that goal and have a means for managing performance, security and cost as the product grows.”