Traditional database monitoring solves only a small subset of business challenges.
Our AI de-mystifies the data tier so you can do more.


From the Datacenter to the Cloud, see what’s driving consumption, performance, and security risk- now and in the months to come.

  • Go beyond monitoring; view current trends and future predictions for resource utilization, performance, security and compliance
  • View trends, issues and forecasts from the highest levels (aggregate datacenter level/all instances) down to specific application groups and individual database instances to understand what operations, processes or people are driving growth and risk
  • Get the information you need to make critical decisions (performance tuning, capacity planning, security, resource analysis) in three clicks or less


Whether you’re planning a move to the cloud, evaluating AI and Machine Learning, or just want better database performance and security, we can help.

  • Delta Bravo AI offers different use cases based on where you are in the data lifecycle; from making immediate performance or capacity planning simple to helping modernize critical data platforms.
  • Delta Bravo develops machine learning models identify trends, gaps and improvements that make modernization projects shorter, less risky and more precise.
  • Don’t get locked into vendors for your AI effort. Delta Bravo empowers you to keep your data where you want, and leverage our engines for AI. Get full customization, security and control without restrictive terms and licenses.


Delta Bravo helps you simplify ongoing systems management, security and cost planning.

  • Fast, efficient and quantifiable optimizations save hundreds of maintenance hours per year and show real value to CIOs, CFOs and end users. Mentoring and fractional services are available to supplement customer teams as needed.
  • Delta Bravo is API-driven; our information can be integrated easily with CMDB, ticketing, analytics and other existing IT Operations systems.
  • Ability to scale without becoming a financial albatross; business-friendly licensing structure and architecture requires no on-premise hardware or additional databases.


Want to learn more about how our AI works and what it can do?
Download one of our technical whitepapers.

delta bravo

Delta Bravo Use Cases, Architecture and Capabilities

Go into the data science, algorithms and architecture behind Delta Bravo. Learn how customers are using Delta Bravo and how AI provides a more efficient and effective way to secure, optimize and scale your data tier.

delta bravo

Using AI for Database Security and Compliance

Database security and compliance has traditionally been a manual process fraught with error- especially in large environments. See how AI and Machine Learning empower stronger database security and compliance.