Delta Bravo fills the gap between your data and a polished end product. Leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence and a clean interface to solve real business problems faster.

With Delta Bravo, anyone can source, fuse, and transform data into any shape they desire. Business analysts become data engineers — and leaders in their organization’s data revolution. Here’s how it works.


Our team of experts works with you to align your business challenge with the appropriate scope and solution direction. We’ll validate the condition of your data and help with any data collection needs, ranging from the basics to developing custom data collectors or providing a third-party data source. Our preference is to start small, executing incrementally to keep costs low and prove the value Delta Bravo delivers.


Delta Bravo ingests data from any source, structured or unstructured. Within seconds, data is visualized. Gaps and relationships are exposed. Rules and cleansing algorithms are applied until the data is ready to be fitted to a Machine Learning model.


Delta Bravo chooses from several proven Machine Learning models to identify which has the highest likelihood of success with your data and use case. The chosen model is applied to the data and trained or tuned as necessary.


Delta Bravo makes the data available via User Interface or API, delivering a polished, enterprise grade solution quickly. Plug the image, information and functionality into your existing application or start the foundation of something entirely new. Delta Bravo platforms are efficient and easily scaled for ongoing growth.