Eliminate the risk of months-long analysis. Delta Bravo delivers actionable resolution for GDPR compliance in seconds.

Failure to comply with GDPR can result in a fine ranging from 10 million euros to 4% of the company’s annual global revenue, a figure which for some could mean billions.

delta bravoAt the core of GDPR is data element classification- if information is requested, it must be easily found.
For common data elements like first and last names, emails or addresses, classification is straightforward. However, GDPR rules extend into data that isn’t so easily grouped. Information ranging from customer IP addresses to genetic or biometric data is also covered under GDPR. These data elements can be classified under different names depending on the context of how they’re collected or used.

For global companies leveraging complex, legacy systems worldwide- GDPR is a nightmare.
In many cases these companies achieved their size and reach through acquisition, bringing multiple systems, business processes and data classifications under the same roof. Multiple custom applications and third-party legacy systems still power global insurance, banking and manufacturing firms. What are the chances these systems are all classifying data the same way?

For these companies, the process of hunting down these data elements and changing application code, database and storage parameters is a grueling. manual task. The amount of time, effort and organizational impact required could grind their business to a halt. For them, GDPR violations and fines are not an “if”- but a when.


Delta Bravo uses custom algorithms and pattern recognition to scan database constructs, confirming correctly classified data and helping identify data types that aren’t classified according to GDPR requirements. Instead of taking weeks or months, this work is done in seconds. Once non-compliant data types are identified, Delta Bravo’s AI provides the code and step-by-step instructions to achieve compliant database classification- saving tons of time and significantly reducing risk.

  • Data discovery and classification
    Get a handle on data subject to GDPR compliance- where it is, what you have that’s OK, and what needs to be changed
  • Guidance and remediation
    Get step-by-step instructions and code to remediate non-compliant data elements, along with a complete versioned history of data transformations and associated code.
  • Ongoing policy enforcement
    Ensure that data is stored in accordance with relevant retention schemes and enable the “right to be forgotten” across complex, distributed system landscapes.
  • Auditing for accountability
    Automatically produce and maintain complete, interpretable records of data processing activities and decisions that affect data subjects.

For customers who don’t have the time or resources to complete the fixes, Delta Bravo offers services to help them do so.