Delta Bravo AI

Delta Bravo AI automates the hardest parts of data science, reducing the time and cost to deploy Machine Learning and AI capabilities.

Delta Bravo AI simplifies your process from the start, curating a series of algorithms proven to work.

Delta Bravo AI Workflows

A Single Platform for Scalable Data-Driven Transformation.

Access and Scale Compute Quickly From Any Source.


Set up Volumes From Any Infrastructure
Assign compute and storage resources as desired; scale across multi-cloud, on-premise or hybrid infrastructure options.

Workflows Not Restricted to a Single Node
Simply create volume parameters, assign to source infrastructure and assign to workflow.  Since workflows are containerized, nodes are compute agnostic and easily scaled.

Smart, Fast and Scalable ETL.


Acquire, Cleanse and Transform Your Data
Access, cleanse and organize data from sources ranging from applications and APIs to databases, PLCs, sensors, devices and more.

Easily Scale ETL Process with Reusable Components
Quickly scale ETL processes through use of containers and reusable components for cleansing, joining and feature engineering.

Establish a Single Source of Truth for Analysis and Modeling
Real time data cleansing and joining. A Data Warehouse ready for Enterprise access, running on the infrastructure of your choice.

Reusable Automated Components for Data Quality Analysis and more.


Automated Data Quality, Relevance and Gap Analysis
Get your data ready for modeling faster with reusable modules for Data Quality Analysis, Joining Probability, Feature Engineering, Correlation Analysis and more.

Find and Communicate Insights and Gaps
Delta Bravo’s reusable automated components come with visualizations and presentation layers that make it easy to communicate findings to the business.

Escape the Confines of Computational Notebooks.


Voyage Beyond the Planet Jupyter
Delta Bravo offers all of the functionality present in Jupyter Notebooks plus features created by Data Scientists to make the process faster and more efficient.

Collaboration Capabilities
Multiple data scientists can work on the same workflow without code overlap.  Track and audit edits, lockdown nodes from editing as desired.

Code Versioning and Model Audits
Delta Bravo includes code versioning and can integrate with leading code management platforms.  Model changes can also be tracked and audited over time.

Visualize Data On Any Platform.


Standard Data Visualization Functionality
Delta Bravo’s standard visualization module offers all of the leading options, from line charts to box plots, plus advanced filtering intelligence for granular detail on the metrics that matter most.

Integrate with Visualization Platform of Your Choice
If you’ve got another tool, custom app or platform, Delta Bravo can easily integrate for fast and convenient visualizations in the interface of your choice.

Custom Visualizations and Functionality
Some of our customers require an interface custom-made for their use case.  Delta Bravo is flexible to accommodate, offering functionality like reporting, alerts and more.

Monitor, Manage and Scale Models.


Monitor Models for Availability and Performance
Delta Bravo monitors model drift and efficiency, producing alerts when tuning or retraining may be required.

Scale Models Across Locations, Infrastructure
Leverage reusable components to scale models with minimal revision across multiple sites and/or compute resources.