Delta Bravo AI exposes and eliminates hidden “gotchas” that drive cost and risk. Save money and ensure long-term cloud success.

Reduce the Risk and Cost of Migrating to the Cloud.

Delta Bravo identifies and resolves security vulnerabilities and inefficient processes in your environment before they create cost in the cloud. Our AI dives deep into application queries and data access methods, detecting critical operations, events and security settings specific to your environment. Gaps that impact cloud migration are surfaced, analyzed and addressed.

Keep Ongoing Costs Low and Performance High.

The secret to successful cloud environments is the right balance between resources and performance. Delta Bravo AI forecasts resource use and provides optimizations that keep your systems running smoothly in the cost range that’s right for you. You’ll gain insight on what processes are driving cost- and exactly what to do to make them more efficient.

Delta Bravo AZure Cloud Forecast