TURN MONTHS OF WORK INTO MINUTES. Delta Bravo AI automates the hardest parts of data science, reducing the time and cost to deploy Machine Learning and AI capabilities. Delta Bravo AI simplifies your process from the start, curating a series of algorithms proven to work.


Located in downtown Rock Hill SC, Delta Bravo is a leading AI Accelerator working with midmarket and Fortune 500 customers worldwide.

Our purpose as a business is to help customers leverage data in new and exciting ways that create advantage, efficiency and long-term success.

We began life as Dynamic Data Management, a services firm helping customers optimize data workloads and prepare their data for use in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects. We realized first hand how difficult and time-consuming this process could be. We found ourselves struggling to meet deadlines. Finding good people to grow our team was also a challenge. We were in a vicious cycle that showed no signs of improving.

The Pivot

Our leadership team regrouped and focused on using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to fill these gaps and help the company scale. In January 2017, the Delta Bravo platform was born. Within a few short months, Microsoft invested to help bring our commercial products to market in early 2018. At this point, we rebranded the company as Delta Bravo.

The Products

Our first product, Delta Bravo Database, uses Artificial Intelligence to help with complex database management. This solution enables a single user to do more with less; proactively improving database performance while reducing security and compliance risks commonly associated with data growth. Feedback on the product has been excellent; since its launch the Delta Bravo Database product has a 100% customer return rate; or zero percent churn.

Our second product, Delta Bravo AI, enables the midmarket and above to deploy AI capabilities in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do it on their own or through a larger provider.

The Value

A recent Harvard Business Review article called described an “AI Quick Win” as a project being completed within 6 to 12 months. Since early 2018, the Delta Bravo AI platform has taken customers like AccuWeather, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Atlas Copco and even the US government from raw data to AI capable in less than a single month. Our “quick win” methodology delivers results in 30-day intervals at rates that are 25-40% below larger providers- without long term commitment or technology “lock-in.”

The Vision

Through robust AI Frameworks that deliver value faster and more cost effectively than our competitors, we will continue to generate greater insight and positive business outcomes for our customers.

Delta Bravo, SCRADelta Bravo is a member of the Rock Hill Technology Incubator and in 2017, was selected from hundreds of applicants into the prestigious SC Launch program sponsored by the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA). Our Leadership Team was recently featured in Smart Manufacturing Magazine and speak frequently at industry conferences and technical meetups.