Using data to drive higher productivity, reduce waste and
improve employee experience is how we'll save it.


An Industry In Transition.


Manufacturers all over the world are struggling to meet demand, maintain quality standards and onboard a new generation of workers.

Supply chain issues are making downtime and waste more costly than ever.

Difficulty finding and keeping good people is impacting quality and order times.

Legacy systems make it difficult to train younger resources who learn in a different way.

Waiting Is No Longer An Option.


Pressure is coming down from executives seeking better operating margins, customers seeking better quality and workers seeking better systems.

Industry leaders are doubling down on data, gaining deeper insight and improving their ability to deliver quickly, profitably and at a higher level of quality.

Spending on Smart Factory efforts will double what was anticipated prior to the Pandemic.

Industry analysts believe manufacturers who aren’t focused on Industry 4.0 will not survive into the next decade.

A Diverse Set of Challenges.


Building an Industry 4.0 foundation requires cross-functional collaboration between IT, Operations and Finance.

Vendors need to understand manufacturing processes, existing technologies and datasets, future technologies like Machine Learning and AI, security, governance, compliance and more.

Technology choices have to be cost-effective, scalable and integrate into the way operators, engineers and analysts work today.

Most of all, vendors should have a track record of success and trusted relationships with their customers.


Why Delta Bravo?


Delta Bravo helps manufacturers understand, plan and execute Advanced Analytics and Predictive Models in a way that minimizes disruption to the business.

Our approach focuses on Program, Process and Partnership. We help educate executive and operational teams in AI Fluency, creating a common language and appropriate expectations.

We develop roadmaps that introduce new capabilities at a speed, cost and impact level the business can handle.

We deliver capabilities that integrate with current processes. We support our platform and teach customers to use it on their own, enabling organic scale and benefit.

The Results Speak For Themselves.


Delta Bravo lays the foundation for ROI-driving use cases. We’ve delivered multiple Award-winning engagements with industry leaders like Rolls-Royce, Nucor Steel, Toyota, Continental and more.


Cost-Effective At Scale
The Delta Bravo platform enables us to scale across multiple lines and plants in the most cost-effective way possible.

Unrivaled Technical Flexibility
Delta Bravo can be consumed as a SaaS offering, deployed within customer Azure/AWS/Google/Oracle tenants, or deployed in a datacenter behind the customer’s firewall. This flexibility allows us to manage cost, performance and scale in the the best way possible for each customer.