We improve our customer’s competitive position by increasing operating efficiency and workforce readiness across multiple products, lines and plants.  This is how we do it.


Build A Business Case- the Delta Bravo Way


Manufacturing CEOs across the world are embracing Machine Learning and AI to drive the transformation, but research firm Gartner estimates an 80% failure rate for first-time AI projects. With over 75 customer engagements since 2017, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

Our process starts with a Customer Business Plan (CBP). The CBP is built by our Pre-Sales team and identifies Use Cases that drive Return On Investment (ROI) in three critical areas.  The first is Measurable ROI, the expected financial benefit of solving an operational challenge.  This is often easily measured- for example, reducing defects by 4% will save $250,000.

Next is Capability ROI- ways our Use Case saves employees time and frustration by empowering them to make better decisions faster.  For example, manually cobbling together multiple spreadsheets is time-consuming and brings a high probability of human error.  Using Machine Learning to automate this process improves accuracy and makes employees more valuable to the business faster- creating a workforce readiness advantage.

Lastly, we target Strategic ROI by ensuring the chosen Use Cases scale across multiple products, lines and plants. This ensures our customer maximizes returns and drives true competitive advantage. We also identify areas for technical integration, making sure we fit into existing architectures like Amazon, Cisco and Microsoft to maximize their value and avoid redundancy.

These elements comprise our CBP and the foundation of a successful engagement. Prior to starting the CBP, we encourage customers to sign a Mutual NDA to protect their interests.

Time Required from Customer Resources:  2-3 meetings, 3-5 hours

Know the Value of What You Have Today- And The Gaps


Most customer data is not in the condition required to execute Use Cases immediately.  Before completing the Customer Business Plan, we’ll request a sample set of data for the target use cases.  Our expert Onboarding Team uses this sample set to perform a quick Data Quality check, determining the value of what you have today and identifying gaps that impact use case viability.

Experience has taught us to measure twice and cut once with regard to data quality. There can be issues impacting the ability to join data.  Sometimes the data isn’t being collected frequently enough to build an accurate Machine Learning model. More often than not, these challenges are easily overcome with feedback from customer subject matter experts and IT.

From here, our Pre-Sales and Onboarding teams work together to complete our Customer Business Plan and submit our paperwork for contract.

Time Required from Customer Resources:  1-2 meetings, 3-5 hours

Statement of Work, Contract and Billing


Our Statement of Work clearly articulates the components of our delivery and billing structure. Each engagement starts with a one-time per Use Case Onboarding fee, which varies based on the complexity of the target Use Case. An annual software License fee goes into effect at project start and customers have the option to purchase ongoing annual Support. We offer volume discounting to make the ROI equation more favorable as new Use Cases are executed on the Delta Bravo platform.

We do not charge “per user” or “per data source” or “per connection” fees.  Our goal is to drive digital maturity with our customers, not accounting headaches. Users can quickly be added or removed from the Delta Bravo platform by customer administrators or our Support team.

Intellectual Property (IP) built on the Delta Bravo platform, by our Onboarding team or internal customer resources, will always belong to the customer. Specifically, code used to perform ETL processes, modeling and model deployment- the pieces that drive competitive advantage.  This IP is available to the customer and can be exported quickly and easily if desired. We earn our business through excellent tools, processes and people.  We do not create “technical lock-in” for our customers.

Integration, Partner Alignment and Funding


Delta Bravo is an integration-first solution.  Our platform is built to fit into larger technical architectures, ensuring cost-effective scalability. For companies leveraging Microsoft or AWS for cloud infrastructure, Delta Bravo fits into these systems quickly and easily, maximizing the value of the cloud investment.  We also align closely with Cisco Systems, offering the capability to integrate with systems like Edge Intelligence, Industrial Asset Vision, Cybervision and more.

Delta Bravo is one of 13 Cisco DSI partners globally. Customer seeking to modernize and extend their Cisco infrastructure as they grow into the Smart Factory are often eligible for funding that offsets the cost of Delta Bravo’s onboarding and license fees.  Similar benefits are available through partners like AWS, Microsoft and others.

We encourage our customers to think bigger about their technical architectures and leverage the benefits partner alignment programs provide.

Engagement Methodology and Project Management


Most customers are concerned with the amount of commitment required from busy subject matter experts and operational resources.  Delta Bravo’s Engagement Methodology minimizes time spent in long, redundant meetings by using modern collaboration tools. We prepare customer resources with what to expect far in advance of calls or meetings.



Project Plan
Each Delta Bravo customer is presented with a Project Plan at Onboarding. The Project Plan includes deliverables expected from both sides and a timeline agreed upon by both parties. The Project Plan includes specific detail on responsible parties for all important decisions and deliverables.

Communication Platforms
Onboarding is managed through a modern project tracking system, giving customers real time visibility into task status and timelines. Additional documentation is created for customer teams, sharing how data transformation and modeling structures are built, managed and maintained ongoing.

Value Delivered Quickly
Complex data transformation and model structures take time to implement.  However, within days customers can quickly access our Data Lake to perform detailed analysis on multiple datasets from one interface.

Iterative Process
Validating data accuracy and piloting functionality is critical to building trust, acceptance and adoption of the solution. These processes are iterative, as feedback from multiple sources at multiple times influence change.  Delta Bravo understands and plans for this flexibility in our Onboarding and Support engagements.

Big Picture Perspective
Customers seeking to maximize the value of their data investment benefit from our process. Recommendations on improving data quality and utility are provided by our Onboarding team.  Our Best Practice perspective is informed by years of experience- both positive and negative. We help our customers drive maturity with as few growing pains as possible- whether that’s at their first plantwide Center of Excellence or scaling out to hundreds of facilities worldwide.

Ongoing Support


Delta Bravo offers flexible Support options that can change over time as customer teams grow and add data science talent. Options range from full, white-glove support which includes model monitoring, tuning and retraining, as well as Quarterly Strategic reviews by our expert Data Science team to minimal support focused simply on model performance and/or software licensing.

For customers that already have Data Science teams, support beyond the platform access license may not be required.  We are flexible in our approach to support with the priority of ensuring maximum value and scale for each use case.